Helping companies grow revenue utilizing digital economy.

Bloom Consulting is a management and business development company specializing in scaling and expanding medium-sized businesses to European markets. By optimizing your acquisition channels, we can confidently increase your revenue by 2x.

Our Story

At Bloom Consulting we help our clients decide what is the next best move regarding growing and scaling your business. We provide excellence within consulting services that drive growth within your business and help you expand it. Bloom Consulting has helped many international companies to expand their business to D-A-CH Region. From furniture manufacturers, CNC shops to software development studios, we have developed the market and established business growth within 6 months.

Our Services

Our Specialties

Helping small business expand their business operations to EU and Swiss markets.

Looking To Expand

Our business development services include many objectives for different clients, such as new market expansion, the formation of strategic business partnerships, or outsourcing manufacturing.

Our successful business development project helps most of the departments within a company, including sales, marketing, manufacturing, and product development, but also vendor management.

We are always aware of new market opportunities, possibilities for expansion, competitor developments, and the current sources of the company’s revenue for existing and new clients.

Where to go next?

In order to successfully expand to a new market or develop a new product, we aim to prepare and deliver a detailed report for our clients on the market size and competition.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Where your target audience and current customers conduct their product/ service research.

  • Which of your competitors your target audience looks to for information, more options, or to make a purchase

  • What’s trending in your industry

  • Who makes up your market and what their challenges are

  • What influences purchases and conversions among your target audience.

Scaling Your Sales

If you are looking to increase your revenue or just scale your sales team and increase the outreach, our team can help. From qualifying and setting up meetings, to negotiating and closing deals. We can also guide your sales reps and show how to sell effectively, and managing future sales incentives.

  • Prospecting

  • Initiating Outreach

  • Identifying Market Needs

  • Drafting and Presenting Proposals

  • Negotiating and Closing Deals

Check out our Bloom Sales Unit:

"Bloom Consultanting helped me increase my revenue by 35%. I gladly recommend them, and still use their services to make my business prosper and grow. I am looking forward to our next milestion in business scale. Thank you Bloom Consulting!"

Robert CameronCameron Carpentry LLC

"Bloom Consultin as a boutique consulting agency helped me improve my online presence. In working with them, they see things clearly that others don’t readily see; they are able to quickly see through complex issues and simplify them. Really amazing work, highly recommend their services!"

James EllisRichmond Valley Paint LLC

"Bloom Consulting is truly an expert in their field. They helped me increase customer base by 5x, by understanding how my businesses works inside and out and applied their knowledge in CRM and digital marketing. Our business grow immensely in the last year and continues to grow. Thank you guys!"

Thomas HunterVegas Wine LLC